What is Organic Search Result?

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The Answer:

Everytime you look out for something on the web or conduct a Search on any search engine namely Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines you will find two kinds of results - the Adverts (Paid Results) and the Actual suggested pages (Organic Search).

The advertisements or the paid results are on the appeared on the top or on a sidebar are for the promotional purpose and being shown because the advertiser is paying to appear whenever an internet user searches a particular word or phrase. It all depends up on how well the advertiser organises their PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisement and how much they are prepared to pay affect where their advertisement appears in the list of adverts - in other words how well it ranks in the Paid Search Results.

There is great skill to this and it is possible to pay less per click than your competitor but still appear above their advertisement.Paid Search Results and their management are a complete branch of SEO (also known as SEM - Search Engine Marketing) because it can take skill and experience to rank at the top of the Paid Search Results while paying less than other advertisers.

Next there are the 'Real' search results - those web pages the search engine thinks are relevant to the words you are searching. No one has paid for them to be there. These results are known as Organic Search Results and SEO is all about helping individuals or businesses rank better here - after all once you are then visitors are free!

Posted By : Aetiyuel Williams